The Rose Of Jericho (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

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Celebrated Mount Maunganui songwriter and singer Georgia Lines has announced her debut full-length album The Rose Of Jericho. Set to surprise even long-time fans, the album is a sophisticated step up for an artist that has been keeping us guessing since she first landed on the scene five years ago. Lushly orchestrated, with her most finely crafted set of songs to date, including a duet with TEEKS, The Rose Of Jericho is set to become an instant local classic. - Flying Out


  1. Grow Old Without You
  2. The Letter
  3. Say You Still
  4. Wayside
  5. Distance
  6. Trust
  7. Start of the Middle
  8. End of the World
  9. Not by Your Side (ft. Teeks)
  10. Grand Illusion

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