Somewhere in England

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Somewhere In England, George Harrison's ninth studio album, was his first to be released after the death of John Lennonand contained the tribute song All Those Years Ago.

It was mostly recorded at the tail end of 1980, and finished the following year. Its long gestation was painful for Harrison, who was struggling to find relevance and space in a rapidly changing music industry.

In spring 1977 he recorded a track, Mo, to celebrate the 50th birthday of Warner Bros’ Mo Ostin. Harrison evidently held the label executive in high regard, with the song demonstrating his loyalty to the man who had signed him after relations with A&M broke down in the mid-70s.


1. Blood From a Clone
2. Unconsciousness Rules
3. Life Itself
4. All Those Years Ago
5. Baltimore Oriole
6. Teardrops
7. That Which I Have Lost
8. Writing's On the Wall
9. Hong Kong Blues
10. Save the World