General Patton Vs. The X-Ecutioners (Indie Exclusive Silver Vinyl LP)

Indie Exclusive Silver Vinyl LP

The release teams up Mike Patton, the legendary frontman for Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk and countless others, with one of the most respected DJ crews in all of hip-hop, The X-Ecutioners.

The collaboration came about after both factions performed a few improvisational live shows together. With the sweet scent of chemistry soon wafting through the air, it was decided to take it a step further - collaborate on a full-on recording. What you get are 23 tracks that approximate a head-on collision between hip-hop and the wild and whacky world of Ipecac.


1. X-men Doctrine and Decloration
2. General P. Counterintellegence
3. Get Up Punk! 0200 Hours
4. Roc / Raida: Riot Control Agent / Combat Stress Control
5. Improvised Explosive Device 0300 Hours
6. Vaqueros Y Indios!
7. Precision Guided Needle-Dropping Nad Larynx Munitions (PGNDLM)
8. Duelling Banjo Marching Drill
9. Battle Hymn of the Technics Republic 
10. Fire in the Hole! 0400 Hours (Joint Special Task Force Operations Task Force) 
11. Covulsive Antidote For Nerve Agent Autoinjector (CANNA)
12. Modified Combined Obstacle Overlay (MC00) ...or... "How I Stop Worrying and Love The Turntables"
13. Surprise Swing Insurgency / Tabla and Tongue Twist Counterattack / "Dragon Seeks Path"
14. Kamikaze! 0500 Hours ("Take a Piece of Me")
15. "We'll Paint This Town" -- Throat And Phonograph Fire Support Coordination Measures (TPFSCM) 
16. Imitative Electromagnetic Deception (IED) / Digital Nonsecure Voice Terminal (DNVT)
17. A.W.O.L. Block Party Brawl 0600 hrs. 
18. Eastside Multichannel Tactical Scratch Communications (EMTSC) 
19. Pimps Up, Aces High! 0700 hrs. (Westside Swashbuckling Parade) 
20. Warcry / Infared R'N'B Hallucination / Jungle Operations Exfiltration System 
21. Loser On Line (Hate The Player, Hate The Game)
22. Low Altitude Vocal Parachute Extraction System (LAVPES) 
23. Battle Damage Assessment And Repair / White Flag Surrender / "Wake Me Up In Heaven"