Game Winner

Joey Dosik didn’t set out to make a conceptual EP about basketball. It was his first love before music, and some of his earliest memories are of attending Lakers games, but he’d never thought to look to the sport for inspiration. But when Joey blew out his knee during his regular pick-up game and had to undergo reconstructive ACL surgery, he found himself confined to the couch, watching a lot of television and waiting to resume his normal life. He gravitated toward basketball, and when he started recording again, he found it seeping into his writing.

The result is Game Winner, a brisk, emotive collection of songs loosely inspired by the language and lore of the game. 


Artist: Joey Dosik
Title: Game Winner
Year: 2018
Format: LP, CD

Track List:

  1. The Night Before…
  2. Game Winner
  3. Running Away 
  4. The Big Game
  5. Competitive Streak
  6. Game Winner (Remix)
  7. Northridge Park (Bonus Track
  8. Game Winner by The JD’s (Bonus Track)
  9. Running Away (Stripped Mix) (Bonus Track)
  10. Gentle Giant (Bonus Track)