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100% GALCHER was by all accounts a game-changer when it landed in 2013 as an hour of original music from a relatively unknown producer ushered in by the beloved mix series Blowing Up The Workshop. Galcher Lustwerk’s signature sound – a smoky stream-of-consciousness baritone shadow-boxing with beats, informed by funk, rap, rhythm, and blues – felt like an epiphany, impossibly hypnotic and complete.

Since then, select songs from 100% GALCHER have seen small-run pressings, while the album has lived primarily on SoundCloud and YouTube as a low-key cult legend. The gateway into Lustwerk’s now well-established catalogue, known for its reliability as a late-night listen and its prophetic vision for the near future of underground dance music. Resident Advisor would later name it a mix of the decade, citing its influence and imagination: “Original in every sense – unknown, unheard and unbelievably good.”

In late 2022, marking 10 years since he first recorded the material, Lustwerk returns to Ghostly International to release 100% GALCHER as a remastered limited-edition double LP.


  1. Stem*
  2. Parlay
  3. Put On
  4. Outside The Club
  5. I Neva Seen
  6. Stem*
  7. Enterprise
  8. Stem*
  9. Kaint
  10. In The Place
  11. Stem*
  12. Cricket's Theme
  13. Fifty
  14. Dockside
  15. Lil Bit O Chocolit
  16. 100% Pain*

*CD only