Angels & Queens (Vinyl LP, Black)

Vinyl LP (Black)
Fans of gospel, soul, and songs that just won't leave you heart alone... introducing Gabriels. The vinyl version of a release that landed in September last year, Angels & Queens - Part I is here to save your soul, with big bold tracks like Love & Hate In A Different Time, Offering, and Great Wind set to take you to whatever church your feet want to stomp at... One listen, you're hooked - do it! - Flying Out


Angels & Queens - Part I was released back in September, picking up widespread acclaim across the globe. Its release was governed by the band's desire to push through the release of new recordings this year, and release the record in two distinct chapters.

Angels & Queens incorporates a new recording of the band's seminal debut single, Love & Hate In A Different Time, and songs that have already become staples of the band's live set; Offering, Glory, and Great Wind.


1. Offering
2. The Blind
3. Angels & Queens
4. Taboo
5. To the Moon and Back
6. Professional
7. We Will Remember
8. Remember Me
9. If You Only Knew 
10. Love and Hate in a Different Time
11. Glory
12. Great Wind 
13. Mama