In Search of Free Time

Vinyl LP

Free Time formed in the summer of 2012 around Melbourne luminary Dion Nania (Panel of Judges). After moving to New York in 2011, Nania floated through the NYC music scene, playing on US tours for the likes of Twerps and Scott & Charlene’s Wedding.

Shortly thereafter he began writing new songs with the intent of putting a band together. The debut Free Time album hit shelves in mid-2013, with Dion’s NYC band playing with acclaimed artists Real Estate and The Babies. They have since recorded another 7″ single, Esoteric Tizz, as well as working on the incredible videos for singles I Lost Again and Guess Work.

After beginning work on a follow-up record with their previous engineer, Jarvis Taveniere (Woods), Nania returned to Melbourne for a year. In true fashion, he immediately modeled an Australian lineup to complete the Free Time record, including Martin Frawley (Twerps), Zachary Schneider (Totally Mild) and Joe Alexander (Terrible Truths). The band have since completed the second LP, recording and mixing at John Lee’s Phaedra Studios in Melbourne.

Thus we are left with two bands on opposite sides of the globe, and a songwriter who bounces between continents. He tells of following love across the world, of being unsure of what the future holds, and his songwriting oscillates wildly between melodies of sweet sadness and anthems of wild exuberance.