Mon Amie La Rose


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Between 1963 and 1966, Françoise Hardy released one French-language album per year. Each, strictly speaking, was eponymously titled, and each was collected from a series of contemporary four-track, seven-inch, picture-sleeve EPs–pop music’s main format in France, known as le super 45. In them, we see the maturing of one of the decade’s most singular talents–a pop singer with the heart of a chanteuse, a singer-songwriter in an age before such a thing was known, and a style icon who valued privacy and modesty. Remastered from the original tapes, we present the first five Françoise Hardy albums in their original French format, on deluxe LP and CD.

Following the French success of 1962’s Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles and 1963’s Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour, 1964 was the year Hardy went truly international. Having competed in the Eurovision Song Contest and acted in a Roger Vadim film, this was the year Dylan dedicated a poem to her on the sleeve of Another Side and the year she ventured to Britain to record English language songs for the first time.


  1. Je Veux Qu'Il Revienne
  2. Tu N'As Qu'Un Mot A Dire
  3. Tu Ne Dis Rien
  4. Et Même
  5. Pourtant Tu M'Aimes
  6. Pars
  7. Je N'Attends Plus Personne
  8. La Nuit Est Sur La Ville
  9. Pas Gentille
  10. Dans Le Monde Entier
  11. Nous Étions Amies
  12. Mon Amie La Rose