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Françoise Madeleine Hardy (born 17 January 1944) is a French singer and songwriter. Mainly known for singing melancholic sentimental ballads, Hardy has been an important figure in French pop music since her debut, spanning a career of more than fifty years with over thirty studio albums released. She rose to prominence in the early 1960s as a leading figure of the yé-yé wave, a genre of pop music and associated youth culture phenomenon that adapted to French the pop and rock styles that came from the United States and the United Kingdom. The singer differentiated herself from her peers by writing her own material, a rare feat in an industry dominated by older, male composers and producers. France's most exportable female singer of the era, Hardy rose to international fame and released music sung in English, Italian and German, in addition to her native French.


  1. This Little Heart 
  2. All Over the World 
  3. However Much
  4. It's Getting Late 
  5. Only Friends 
  6. Say It Now 
  7. Just Call and I'll Be There 
  8. The Rose 
  9. Only You Can Do It 
  10. It's My Heart 
  11. Another Place 
  12. Autumn Rendezvous