Rounds (Reissue)

Vinyl 2LP


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To coincide with its ten year anniversary, Domino reissue Four Tet's seminal album, 'Rounds'. The reissue features the album as well as a live set from Copenhagen recorded near the time of the original release. 'Rounds', the third album from Four Tet, confirms its maker, London-based laptop musician Kieran Hebden, as one of modern British music's most contradictory characters: a bedroom composer that obsesses over the roughest new UK garage and hip-hop cuts, yet tucked up in his studio writes harp-laden melodic pieces that sound like the gentle flutter of a cherub's wings and have titles like 'My Angel Rocks Back And Forth'.


  1. Hands
  2. She Moves She
  3. First Thing
  4. My Angel Rocks Back and Forth 
  5. Spirit Fingers 
  6. Unspoken 
  7. Chia 
  8. As Serious as Your Life 
  9. And They All Look Broken Hearted 
  10. Slow Jam