Crowd Pleaser

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By day they are well loved and respected members of the Aotearoa music industry,  but by night Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett take the stage as... FOLEY! This neon-lit super-duo have been core players in the current movement that has seen the New Zealand pop game transcend its old boundaries and limitations, and at long last they are releasing their debut LP! Fans were treated to part one of Crowd Pleaser earlier this year, and now the full kit and caboodle is landing; a fully formed pop monster that makes good on the promise of the formidable Foley live show. - Flying Out

unleash their highly anticipated debut album CROWD PLEASER, featuring ‘WHAT GOT INTO YOU’ and new single ‘TONGUE

Energised, fresh and strikingly vibrant, multi-instrumentalists Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett – aka Foley – have made significant impact already as formidable players in Aotearoa’s current pop movement.

In their music, listeners become instantly immersed in the crystalline vocals, sharp pop production, and infectious rhythms that Foley have become synonymous with. Knitting together a variety of sonic influences in creating their core sound, the duo have built solid momentum around their releases since debuting in 2017 with their track ‘Settle’.

Building consistently as a studio and live unit, Foley have arrived in their most potent and powerful form to date, delivering their highly anticipated debut album, CROWD PLEASER. Having gifted fans the first chapter of the record earlier in 2023, featuring stellar cuts including ‘Coffee’, ‘Smooth It Over’, ‘Killing Me Babe’ and ‘Nothing’, Foley now unleash Crowd Pleaser in its full glory.


  1. What Got Into You
  2. Killing Me Babe
  3. Smooth It Over
  4. Tongue
  5. Visualise
  6. Heal My Heart
  7. Nothing
  8. Lost In The Garden
  9. Coffee feat. Tim Atlas
  10. On The Rocks