Antidotes (Reissue)



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Completing the circuit between the minimalism of American composer Steve Reich, guitars that sound like insects, and tennis player Andy Roddick, theirs is a uniquely winning formula. Driving percussion high in the mix, guitars played above the 12th fret, no chords, and splashes of synthesizer colour all come together like the schematics for a piece of precision engineering.

Features hit singles Balloons, Cassius, Red Socks Pugie, and Olympic Airways.

Limited recycled vinyl with splatter effect.


Side A
1. The French Open
2. Cassius
3. Red Socks Pugie
4. Olympic Airways
5. Electric Bloom

Side B
1. Balloons
2. Heavy Water
3. Two Steps Twice
4. Big Big Love (Fig. 2)
5. Like Swimming
6. Tron