Tusk (Reissue)


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The band’s Grammy-nominated double-album Tusk arrived in 1979. It introduced fans to hits like “Sara”,Think About Me”, and the title track.


A1. Over & Over
A2. The Ledge
A3. Think About Me
A4. Save Me a Place
A5. Sara
B1. What Makes You Think You're the One
B2. Storms
B3. That's All for Everyone
B4. Not That Funny
B5. Sisters of the Moon
C1. Angel
C2. That's Enough From Me
C3. Brown Eyes
C4. Never Make Me Cry
C5. I Know I'm Not Wrong
D1. Honey Hi
D2. Beautiful Child
D3. Walk a Thin Line
D4. Tusk
D5. Never Forget

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