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Bolshy breakstep from Berlin’s Fjaak, backed with thuggish Pinch remix and recoiling rework by Cocktail Party Effect.

Now a duo after Kevin Kozicki left in early 2019 (so we can’t really call them a boy “band” anymore), Fjaak bare their teef in ruder, rambunctious ways with the barrelling breakstep force of WH?T coming off like an aggy Shed piece, while the cranky acid-electro spurt of XoXp0rt recalls Funckarma cuts from 15 years ago. Pinch weighs in a more schizoid, bone-crunching remix of WH?T, and Cocktail Party Effect win out for us with wilder remix of the latter, full of recursive trills and catapulting bass.


1. WH?T
2. WH?T (Pinch remix)
3. XoXop0rt ft. J. Manuel
4. XoXop0rt ft. J. Manuel (Cocktail Party Effect remix)