Who By Fire: Live Tribute to Leonard Cohen



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Performed at the Royal Dramaten Theatre in Stockholm in 2017, Who By Fire is a theatrical staging of Leonard Cohen's songs, poems, and letters.

Klara and Johanna of First Aid Kit, longtime fans and greatly inspired by Leonard Cohen, were deeply saddened by his passing in November of 2016; they decided to stage this production as a tribute to him, being joined by an array of guest artists and musicians.


1. Tired (Live)
2. Suzanne (Live)
3. Sisters Of Mercy (Live)
4. Who By Fire / As The Mist Leaves No Scar (Live)
5. Twelve O'Clock Chant (Live)
6. Everybody Knows (Live)
7. Avalanche (Live)
8. The Future (Live)
9. Chelsea Hotel # 2 (Live)
10. You Want It Darker (Live)
11. If It Be Your Will (Live)
12. TheAsthmatic (Live)
13. Famous Blue Raincoat / Anthem (Live)
14. Show Me The Place (Live)
15. Hallelujah (Live)
16. Prayer For Messiah (Live)
17. Bird On A Wire (Live)
18. Who By Fire (Reprise) / Letter To Marianne (Live)
19. So Long, Marianne (Live)
20. You'd Sing Too (Live)