Sol Invictus

Vinyl LP

The unparalleled Faith No More return with their new album 'Sol Invictus,' the follow up to 1997's 'Album Of The Year,' and their first release in 18 years!

Produced by founding member and bassist, Billy Gould, 'Sol Invictus' features ten brand new songs, including the new single "Superhero" and new live favourite, "Motherfucker."

This first release of the reinvigorated band includes the classic line-up of Mike Patton (Vocals), Roddy Bottum (Keyboard, Guitar), Billy Gould (Bass), Mike Bordin (Drums), as well as 'Album Of The Year' alumnus, Jon Hudson (guitar).


  1. Sol Invictus
  2. Superhero
  3. Sunny Side Up
  4. Separation Anxiety
  5. Cone Of Shame
  6. Rise Of The Fall
  7. Black Friday
  8. Motherfucker
  9. Matador
  10. From The Dead