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Returning with gleeful antagonism, and never one to favour an under-stated approach, one of the pioneers of kiwi new wave is set to release his second album.

One of two tracks on the new album written for his offspring, a song filled with tongue in cheek wisdom for navigating life.

“They’re almost here, so scull your beer... Act Normal
Take one last drag, then hide the bag... Act Normal
Watching the rooters breed, having a real big feed... aberrated species pumping out the faeces...
Such a shame that time dictates our limits, so just remember all of the good bits
Travel on like you will last forever, and try to do your best and act clever
The sun won’t always shine... Act Normal.”

Fagan’s career spans over 40 years, from his time as frontman of punk rock group The Ambitious Vegetables and New Wave group The Mockers to his ongoing solo career.

His solo material over the years, performing with his band Fagan and The People, includes laconic social commentary classics such as ‘Exciting’, ‘Astonishment’, ‘Now You Know’, ‘Blame Me’, ‘Get Light’, ‘Religion’, ‘Messiah’ and ‘Jerusalem’.

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