First Born (20th Anniversary Edition)

Vinyl 3LP (2 Colour Galaxy effect)


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The release of their debut album, First Born, revealed their talents to be much more versatile and expansive than previously expected. The boastful arrogance and punchlines that had become synonymous with battling were notably scarce on the album. Eyedea chose to tackle subjects that were more conceptual and philosophical in nature, focusing on matters of reality and altered states of perception while pushing his urgent, dense delivery into darker, more abstract terrain. Meanwhile, DJ Abilities was able to craft worlds of depth and emotion, pairing hauntingly suspenseful beats with meticulous turntablism. The resulting album was rich in ambition, ideas and humanity. First Born came at the forefront of an exciting new era of underground hip-hop, delivering messages that emphasized questions over answers, ambiguity over certainty, and self-expression over exploitation, to an audience that was eager to expand their horizons beyond the commercial programming and clichés of the time.


  1. One
  2. Music Music
  3. Birth Of A Fish…
  4. …Powdered Water Too (1)
  5. …Powdered Water Too (2)
  6. Color My World Mine
  7. Liquid Sovereignty
  8. A Murder of Memories
  9. Blindly Firing
  10. Big Shots
  11. Void (Internal Theory)
  12. The Dive (1)
  13. The Dive (2)
  14. Well Being
  15. Eyes of Today
  16. Read Wiped In Blue
  17. Void (External Theory)
  18. On This I Stand
  19. Pushing Buttons *
  20. Architect’s Theme *
  21. Before And After feat. Blueprint