EVOL (5th Anniversary Edition) (RSD 2021)


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5th anniversary edition. Rap superstar, Future, continued to forge his own trailblazing path in hip-hop with the release of his fourth studio album, Evol, led by the lone feature “Low Life,” a collaboration with The Weekend. As a standout in a wave of projects, Evol further cemented Future as the most dominant voice in rap, reaffirmed his notable influence on the genre as a whole, and takes place as one of the many jewels in the crown of Future’s evolving rap legacy

1.”Ain’t No Time”
2.”In Her Mouth”
3. “Maybach”
4. “Xanny Family”
5. “Lil Haiti Baby”
6.”Photo Copied”
7. “Seven Rings”
8. “Lie to Me”
10. “Low Life” featuring The Weeknd
11. “Fly Shit Only”