No. 1

Vinyl LP

Based in the Northeast of Niger, Etran de L’Aïr is one of the longest running bands in Agadez. They play a loud and raucous version of Saharan rock, built around burning guitar melodies and crashing drums. Unknown outside of their hometown, Etran is one of the hardest working bands on the wedding circuit, playing on ramshackle equipment in true DIY aesthetic. Bright and mind blowing groove, upbeat and hypnotic. Part surf rock, from a place that is all beach. Debut album, limited edition vinyl version features hand assembled 3-color, old school offset covers.


  1. Etran Hymne 
  2. Agrim Agadez
  3. Tenere Maliat 
  4. Mon Amour 
  5. Hadija 
  6. Tarha 
  7. Tamiditine