Back To The Woodlands / Where The Woods Begin


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Back To The Woodlands is a previously unreleased, and nearly lost, album by Ernest Hood, composer of the beloved 1975 ambient wonder Neighborhoods. Back To The Woodlands guides the listener through a daydream of Western Oregon’s forests, meadows and streams, soundtracked by a halcyon haze of zither, synthesiser, flute and field recordings. Restored and remastered from original sources by Jessica Thompson, this double CD collection includes liner notes by Michael Klausman.

Tracklist (Disc 1)

1. Noonday Yellows
2. Rain
3. Dusk
4. The Jantzen Rag (Raccoons)
5. Pleasant, This Garden
6. Bedroom Of The Absent Child

Lost Creek Suite:

7. Into The Groves
8. Warm Pathways
9. Sunny Banks
10. Fragrant Duff
11. Beaver's Pond

12. Untitled

Tracklist (Disc 2)

1. Open Fields
2. Where The Woods Begin
3. Train To Grass Creek
4. Shadows On The River
5. Riffles
6. Hay Zephyrs
7. The Sleeping Gorge
8. Salmonberry
9. The Distant Hill
10. Watercourse
11. The Mosses
12. Cloud Across The Field
13. Little Bug
14. Sitka
15. Scintilla
16. Old Covered Bridge
17. The Brophy Road

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