Jerome / Rolex

Vinyl 7"

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The masters of minimal blues repetition, Endless Boogie are in condensed charging form on “Jerome,” an outtake from 2010's full house head sessions. A treasure trove of interlocking riffs and searing lead lines from Jesper Eklow, Matt Sweeney and Stephen Malkmus, the a-side sounds like a lost proto-punk classic. Paul Major’s racing vocals tell a story of urban debauchery (nods to the Velvets included) while Mark O and Harry Druzd lock into that unmatched groove the fans have been missing. This track matches any underground chestnut from “Urban Guerilla” to “Teenage Head”-era Flamin’ Groovies and has what Matt Sweeney calls a “thug-assed jacked-up saturday-night vibe.”

On the flip side’s “Rolex,” Weak Signal show us the morning after the party, through the lens of a con artist so smooth he knows how to hit his mark “without knowing.” From the first-person perspective, mike bones walks us through every detail of the scam with the detachment of a practiced criminal who revels coolly in his skill. Mike Bones (guitar, vocals), Tran Huynh (drums) and Sasha Vine (bass, vocals) ply a different strain of minimalism from Endless Boogie, one in which every note, word, and drum hit are there for a reason and nothing is wasted. Fans of their debut LP and recent EP will find this track threading the needle between them—another great new track from one of New York's best new bands.

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