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Vinyl LP

Black vinyl reissue featuring two bonus tracks, extensive liner notes, and photos contemporary with the recording.


A1. I'm Movin' On (Live) [Remastered Version]
A2. It's Not Love (But It's Not Bad) [Live] [Remastered Version]
A3. So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) [Live] [Remastered Version]
A4. Return of the Grievous Angel (Live) [Remastered Version]
A5. Restless (Live) [Remastered Version]
A6. Racing in the Streets (Live) [Remastered Version]

B1. Long May You Run (Live) [Remastered Version]
B2. We'll Sweep out the Ashes (In the Morning) [Live] [Remastered Version]
B3. Juanita (Live) [Remastered Version]
B4. Devil in Disguise (Live) [Remastered Version]
B5. (Lost His Love) On Our Last Date [Live] [Remastered Version]

B6. Buckaroo / Love's Gonna Live Here (Medley) [Live] [Remastered Version]