From A Basement On The Hill

Kill Rock Stars


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His final album captures his brilliant musical craft at the height of its powers. From A Basement On A Hill retains something of the grand sound of his acclaimed Figure 8 and XO records, and combines it with the intimacy so integral to the breakthrough Either/Or and his first two albums. At times simply stunning in its scope and tightly wound melodic dexterity, From A Basement On The Hill has all the power and poise elliott has become known for. It's a beautifully melancholic record that plays like a suicide note.


Side A
1. Coast To Coast
2. Let's Get Lost
3. Pretty (Ugly Before)

Side B
1. Don't Go Down
2. Strung Out Again
3. A Fond Farewell
4. King's Crossing

Side C
1. Ostrich & Chirping
2. Twilight
3. A Passing Feeling
4. The Last Hour

Side D
1. Shooting Star
2. Memory Lane
3. Little One
4. A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free