Leaders Of The Free World (Reissue)

Vinyl LP


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The reissue of Leaders of the Free World, Elbow's third album, which sees the band try to beat down their major league contemporaries with a more ambitious set of songs. The results are impressive and may form the band's best work yet. Beginning with the beautiful, slow-building Station Approach, and ending with the short but touching Puncture Repair, Leaders of the Free World takes in an a host of minor classics along the way including the captivating title track. The album is the result of a collaborative project between the band and film-makers, the Soup Collective.

Track list:

  1. Station Approach
  2. Picky Bugger
  3. Forget Myself
  4. The Stops
  5. Leaders of the Free World
  6. An Imagined Affair
  7. Mexican Standoff
  8. The Everthere
  9. My Very Best
  10. Great Expectations
  11. Puncture Repair

      RIYL: Supergrass, The Charlatans, Doves