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With their new, seventh studio album Things We Have In Common, a circle closes. The process began with Altid Sammen, the band’s fifth album, and continued with their sixth, 2021’s Windflowers. For Efterklang, these albums represented an opening up towards a simpler, more inclusive, means of expression. It feels like the band has let go: harmonic tensions are gentler, the tonal language more straightforward. Altid Sammen explored human community; Windflowers examined the relationship between human beings and nature. And Things We Have In Common is about collective spirituality and belonging.


1. Balancing Stones (feat. Mabe Fratti)
2. Plant (feat. Mabe Fratti) 
3. Getting Reminders (feat. Beirut)
4. Ambulance
5. Leave It All Behind
6. Animated Heart (feat. Sønderjysk Pigekor)
7. Shelf Break
8. Sentiment
9. To A New Day (feat. Sønderjysk Pigekor)

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