Eccentric Soul: Consolidated Productions Vol. 1 (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP

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Yet another essential helping from the seemingly bottomless well of archival finds from the Numero label, Eccentric Soul: Consolidated Productions is a generous collection of 28 incredible slices of scorching hot R&B. Culled from the plentiful offerings of Mel Alexander's long-running empire of the same name, Consolidated Productions includes big badass numbers from the likes of Lee Harvey, B.B. Carter, Marilyn Calloway, Del Reys, Jimmy “Preacher” Ellis, and plenty more. Lovingly remastered from the original tapes, do yourself a favour and tune in to this latest volume of Eccentric Soul! - Flying Out

Operating in the farthest margins of L.A.’s cutthroat music business from 1961-1991, Mel Alexander’s Consolidated Productions was among the longest running Black-owned independent record conglomerates of the 20th century. Caught up in a confusing web of imprints—including Ajax, Angel Town, Car-A-Mel, Emanuel, and Kris—this first volume gathers 28 smoldering R&B cuts by the likes of Lee Harvey, B.B. Carter, Marilyn Calloway, Del Reys, Deb Tones, De Velles, Gene Russell’s Trio, Jimmy “Preacher” Ellis, and Ty Karim.

Remastered from the original 1/4” tapes, Consolidated Productions Vol. I includes carefully researched annotation, discography, and photographs from a vital producer.


Side A
1. James Foster & The L.a. Untouchables - The Time Has Come
2. The Del-Reys - Don’t You Know
3. The L.A Untouchables - Money Man
4. Spider Walker - I’m Mad
5. The Del-Reys - Walk Proud
6. Billy Williams - So Called Friend (Oh! What A Friend)
7. Ty Karim - Lighten Up Baby

Side B
1. B.B. Carter - Cool It Baby
2. Marilyn Calloway & The 4-Silvertones - My Lover
3. Deb Tones & The Del-Reys - Knock On Wood
4. The De Velles - Misery
5. Ann Stacy - Don’t You Fool Me
6. B.B. Carter - Leave Me Alone
7. Marilyn Calloway & The 4-Silvertones - Shut Up (Demo)

Side C
1. Jimmy “Preacher” Ellis -(C’mon) Dance To The Drumbeat
2. The L.A. Untouchables- Acey Deucey
3. Gene Russell’s Trio - Doin’ The Snake Hips
4. The De Velles - Let’s Do The Hunch
5. Gene Russell’s Trio - Jet Set
6. Dynamic Duo And The Penguiness - Turkey Trot
7. Gene Russell’s Trio - Foggy Bottom)

Side D
1. Lee Harvey - Only True Love
2. Lee Harvey - Need Of Love
3. Lee Jones - I Got To See My Baby
4. Lee Harvey - Prove It
5. Lee Harvey And The L.A. Untouchables - My Assurance
6. Lee Harvey And The L.A. Untouchables - If I’m Dreaming
7. Lee Harvey - False Pride

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