Eccentric Soul: A Red Black Green Production


While not manning knobs and faders for Gil Scott-Heron, Hugh Masekela, Soul Searchers, Van McCoy, and a host of major label also-rans at Edgewood Studios, Washington, D.C.’s most opulent recording facility, producer Robert Hosea Williams worked off-hours at his own scrappy headquarters—the basement of his parents’ suburban Silver Springs home on Octagon Road. Out of those cramped quarters came the underground sounds collected here. A Red Black & Green Production is the story of a well-connected engineer whose cabal of Beltway talent surreptitiously produced the finest black music coming out of D.C. during the midsection of the 1970s. Though Red Black & Geen’s Garvey-colored flag flew behind the scenes, like a shadow government it changed D.C. recording culture and influenced the coming D.I.Y. movement. Featuring a balance of issued and unissued work by Skip Mahoney & the Casuals, Fathers Children, the Summits, Promise, Dyson’s Faces, and East Coast Connection, these 19 creamy tracks cruise through soaring falsettos, luminous harmonies, and sweeping strings, all cultivated from pristine original master tapes.

A1 –Father's Children I Really Really Love You
A2 –Summits* Sleepwalking
A3 –Exceptions Featuring Mark Greene We're In Love
A4 –Skip Mahoaney & The Casuals* Town Called Nowhere
A5 –Summits* It Takes Two
B1 –Exceptions Featuring Mark Greene It Must Be Love
B2 –Dyson's Faces Don't Worry About The Joneses
B3 –Skip Mahoaney & The Casuals* We Share Love
B4 –East Coast Connection* Generation
C1 –Promise (4) I'm Not Ready For Love
C2 –Father's Children Phoney People
C3 –East Coast Connection* Summer In The Parks
C4 –Dyson's Faces We're Two Fools In Love
C5 –Summits* Let's Do It Over
C6 –Exceptions Featuring Mark Greene Day By Day
C7 –Summits* Ps And Qs
D1 –Skip Mahoaney & The Casuals* I Need Your Love
D2 –Summits* I'll Never Say No
D3 –Skip Mahoaney & The Casuals* Seems Like (The Love We Had Is Dead And Gone)
D4 –Father's Children Linda Movement