Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin

Vinyl LP

Eartheater’s voice glows brighter than ever at the center of Phoenix’s arrangements, cresting to operatic highs, settling into melancholic murmurs, or tumbling in animated cadences down the scale. Her intricate guitar work flits across baroque fingerpicked passages and latches into cyclical figures that meet her voice in lush harmonic progressions. From her own guitar parts, to orchestral string arrangements she wrote for the Spanish conservatory group Ensemble de Camara, to harp and violin lines performed by her close friends and collaborators Marilu Donovan and Adam Markiewicz of LEYA, Eartheater’s applications of acoustic instruments reject rote historical associations.

  1. Airborne Ashes 
  2. Metallic Taste of Patience 
  3. Below The Clavicle 
  4. Burning Feather 
  5. How To Fight 
  6. Kiss of The Phoenix 
  7. Volcano 
  8. Fantasy Collision
  9. Mercurial Nerve 
  10. Goodbye Diamond 
  11. Bringing Me Back 
  12. Diamond In The Bedrock 
  13. Faith Consuming Hope