Cautionary Tale

Vinyl LP

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Dylan LeBlanc knows second chances don't come around often. But, neither do voices like his. Overwhelmed by the speed at which his gift took him from Applebee’s server to Neil Young comparisons in a matter of months, he walked away from an unlikely major label deal after releasing two critically acclaimed albums. He slipped into a blur of booze and self-doubt. Exhausted and damaged at just 23-years-old, Dylan came home to Muscle Shoals, Alabama to write a new life for himself. In between the moments of clarity and a few familiar falls, he also wrote a new album, “Cautionary Tale”: a collection of shimmering, arresting songs with the same haunting vocals that first caught the attention of a worldwide audience, now with a sharpened edge honed by hastened maturity.


  1. Cautionary Tale
  2. Roll The Dice
  3. Look How Far We’ve Come
  4. Man Like Me
  5. Easy Way Out
  6. Beyond the Veil
  7. Lightning and Thunder
  8. I’m Moving On
  9. Balance or Fall
  10. Paradise

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