Stratosphere (Reissue)

Vinyl LP (Gold)

Best listened to from inside the womb, Duster’s 1998’s d­ebut Stratosphere simultaneously capped off and reinvented the slow core’s first wave. A four track dreamscape that will wake the neighbours and then lull them back to sleep.

Hazy, arpeggiated guitars layer over a deliberate drummer with no real place to be, as semi-inaudible vocals warn of millennial malaise and subtly encourage the listener to “rock out, rock out, rock out, rock out.


1 Moon Age
2 Heading for the Door
3 Gold Dust
4 Topical Solution
5 Docking the Pod
6 The Landing
7 Constellations
8 The Queen of Hearts
9 Two Way Radio
10 Inside Out
11 Stratosphere
12 Reed to Hillsborough
13 Shadows of Planes
14 Earth Moon Transit
15 The Twins / Romantica
16 Sideria