Remote Echoes (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

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A staple of the slowcore scene from the mid-90s until the beginning of the 2000s (the band have since reunited) Duster were and are renowned for their woozy, lo-fi outings, with Numero having recently reissued the bulk of the band's catalogue to the delight of fans. Now, Numero have gone deep, dusting off and rescuing fourteen cassette demos, some taken from obscure releases Christmas Dust and On The Dodge, and some never before heard by the human ear. Beautifully dubbed by the label as a "hissy, crumbly, and ungrounded expression", Remote Echoes will either be your entry point to loving this brilliant band, or the icing on the cake for your near-complete collection. - Flying Out

Culled from half a decade of home four-tracking, Remote Echoes is a hissy, crumbly, and ungrounded expression of Clay Parton and Canaan Amber's ongoing Duster project. A mix of cassette only demos released under the banners Christmas Dust and On The Dodge, this 14 track album also includes a bevy of previously unissued stragglers. Duster's unique blend of fuzzy guitars, bargain synths, muffled percussion, and hushed vocals anticipated chillwave, mumblecore, and corecore, elegantly illustrating the holy trinity of slacker vices: cigarettes, coffee, and the weed supreme.


1. Before the Veil
2. Cigarettes and Coffee
3. The Weed Supreme
4. Untitled 59
5. I Know I Won't
6. Moon in Aries
7. Glue
8. Testphase
9. Lost Time
10. Strange
11. The Mood
12. Country Heather
13. Untitled 84
14. Darby

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