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Frontline is the 9th studio album by Dub Pistols. Chief rabble-rousers & festival favourites, the band are known for their veritable feast of jump-up party-starting sounds, melding dub, reggae, dancehall, ska & DnB into an irresistible tonic that has seen them amass a merry band of Pistoleros across the world.

For this chapter, they are joined by a stellar band of featured artists including both legendary & award-winning collaborators such as Horseman, Top Cat, The Freestylers, Myki Tuff and Chezidek alongside long-term Posse members The Ragga Twins, Lindy Layton, Natty Campbell, King Yoof and Cheshire Cat, and regular Dub Pistol frontman Seanie T. So, saddle up and join the gang, it's time to ride to the Frontline!

  1. Nice Up Ft. Freestylers & Horseman
  2.  Nah Give It Up Ft. Horseman
  3.  Moving on Ft. Natty Campbell
  4.  That's No Lie Ft. King Yoof & Demolition Man
  5.  Soundboy Killa Ft. Natty Campbell
  6.  Better Has Come Ft. Lindy Layton
  7. Spitfire Ft. Cheshire Cat
  8.  Frontline Ft. Freestylers & Cheshire Cat
  9.  Jump on It Ft. Freestylers & Top Cat
  10. M16 Ft. Ragga Twins
  11. If You Ever Get a Draw Ft. Myki Tuff
  12. Love Ft. Seanie T & Chezidek