Beg, Steel, or Borrow


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Dub Asylum, aka Peter McLennan (Hallelujah Picassos) strikes again with this limited edition cassette, compiling his mind-bending, foot-tapping "steel drum" reworks of Kiwi classics such as Mysterex, French Letter, How Bizarre and many more!

"There’s a corner of my record collection that’s dedicated to steel drums, specifically ones with cool cover versions. You haven’t lived til you’ve heard the Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back’ on steel drums, it’s just the most joyous sound."

"The idea for this album came out of me wondering if there were any New Zealand songs covered on steel drums. I couldn’t find any, so I made my own. Includes songs by OMC, Herbs, The Clean, Scavengers, Bic Runga and more..."


1 How Bizarre
2 French Letter
3 Sway
4 Mysterex
5 Slice of Heaven
6 Royals

1 See Me Go 
2 Tally Ho
3 Pull Down the Shades
4 Hope
5 How Bizarre - (bonus reggae rockers cut)