Donovan Blanc


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Donovan Blanc is the realization of a purified version of the duo's work, fit for consumption by disciples of technicolor baroque and singer-songwriter pop music. The record's aim isn't to evoke nostalgia, but rather to re-contextualize the familiar and foreign to create new moments; some that are bold and exuberant, and others that are reserved and melancholic. Donovan Blanc delivers a glimpse of the lush textures and vivid colors of pop's golden age through a modern lens.

"With soft melodies and loose guitars that recall Felt, the two-piece create an irresistible sense of longing that’s more disarming than Donovan’s smoothest pants-off line." NME 4/5


1. Girlfriend 
2. Hungry A Long Time 
3. So Make It Right 
4. Without A Thing To Doubt 
5. Is It Natural?
6. Oh Donna 
7. Veronica 
8. Can't Wait To Meet You 
9. Minha Menina 
10. When You Believed Me 
11. That Summer Ago 
12. Traci Won't Wait 

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