Extension Of A Man


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Donny Hathaway's third solo studio album, 'Extension of a Man', followed the soul singer's lauded 1972 collaboration with vocalist Roberta Flack. Rather than scaling back his ambitions and playing it safe after that highly successful duet record, Hathaway opted to widen the scope of his eclectic sound even more, opening extension with the ambitious, lushly orchestral 'I Love the Lord, he Heard My Cry (Parts 1 and 2).' Of course, it doesn't take long for the husky-voiced Hathaway, also a talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, to mix things up, as he eases into tracks ranging from folk-tinged soul ('Someday We'll All Be fFee') to romantic r&b ('Love, Love, Love') to driving funk ('Come Little Children,' 'The Slums'). Sadly, this would be Hathaway's last full-length outing before his depression-related suicide in '79. While 'Extension of a Man' hints at what could have been an even more illustrious musical career, it also stands as an enduring testament to Hathaway's remarkable legacy. LP - 180 Gram Vinyl.

  1. I Love The Lord ; He Heard My Cry (Parts I & II)
  2. Someday We'll All Be Free 
  3. Flying Easy
  4. Valdez In The Country 
  5. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know 
  6. Come Little Children 
  7. Love, Love, Love
  8. The Slums 
  9. Magdalena 
  10. I Know It's You