We Found It / Please Don't Stop Loving Me / Say Forever You'll Be Mine / Porter & Dolly

Four more and the last of the Wagoner - Parton collaboration albums, these date from 1973, 1974, 1975 and 1980. All four made the US Top 20 Country chart. 'Please Don't Stop Loving Me' was a US Country Singles chart No.1. Porter Wagoner died in 2007, but Dolly Parton has continued with her superstar solo career. Digitally remastered and slipcased, and with extensive new notes.


  1. Love City
  2. Between Us
  3. We Found It
  4. Satan?s River
  5. I?ve Been Married (Just As Long As You Have)
  6. I Am Always Waiting
  7. Sweet Rachel Ann
  8. That?s When Love Will Mean The Most
  9. Love Have Mercy On Us
  10. How Close They Must Be
  11. Please Don?t Stop Loving Me
  12. The Fire That Keeps You Warm
  13. Too Far Gone
  14. We?d Have To Be Crazy
  15. The Power Of Love
  16. Sixteen Years
  17. Together You And I
  18. Without You
  19. Two
  20. Sounds Of Nature
  21. Say Forever You?ll Be Mine
  22. Something To Reach For
  23. Again
  24. Our Love
  25. The Beginning
  26. I Have No Right To Care
  27. If You Were Mine
  28. Love To See Us Through
  29. How Can I (Help You Forgive Me)
  30. Life Rides The Train
  31. Making Plans
  32. If You Go, I?ll Follow You
  33. Hide Me Away
  34. Someone Just Like You
  35. Little David?s Harp
  36. Beneath The Sweet Magnolia Tree
  37. Touching Memories
  38. Daddy Did His Best
  39. If You Say I Can
  40. Singing On The Mountain