Do You Know What Soul Is

Vinyl LP

Syl Johnson reckons that he’s been sampled more than any other artist, and it could well be true. His tight, sinewy R&B / soul music is packed with funky breaks and slick-hot grooves. Do You Know What Soul Is? Is set up to ensure that whatever your answer before you listen, you’ll damn well know what soul is by the end of the record. LP on Numero Group.

A1 She's Alright
A2 I Know
A3 A Half Love
A4 I've Been Talked About
A5 This Heart Of Mine
A6 Falling In Love Again
A7 I've Got To Get Over
B1 Straight Love, No Chaser
B2 Surrounded
B3 Half A Love
B4 Do You Know What Love Is
B5 The Love I Found In You
B6 Do You Know What Love Is
B7 Things Ain't Right