Our Pathetic Age

Mass Appeal Rec


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DJ Shadow returns with his 2019 album Our Pathetic Age, kicking off the project with hit single, "Rocket Fuel" featuring vocals from legendary rap trio de la Soul. Part 1 of Our Pathetic Age includes 11 genre-bending instrumental tracks. Part Two is a 14 track vocal suite with features from the likes of Nas, Dave East, Run The Jewels, and more.


  1. Nature Always Wins
  2. Slingblade
  3. Intersectionality
  4. Beauty, Power, Motion, Life, Work, Chaos, Law
  5. Juggernaut
  6. Firestorm
  7. Weightless
  8. Rosie
  9. If I Died Today
  10. My Lonely Room
  11. We Are Always Alone
  12. Drone Warfare
  13. Rain on Snow
  14. Rocket Fuel
  15. C.O.N.F.O.R.M
  16. Small Colleges (Stay with Me)
  17. Jojo's Word
  18. Kings & Queens
  19. Taxin'
  20. Dark Side of the Heart
  21. I Am Not a Robot (Interlude)
  22. Urgent, Important, Please Read
  23. Our Pathetic Age