Love Changes Everything (Vinyl LP, Red)

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Vinyl LP (Red)



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O' holy day, the three horsemen of our favourite apocalypse have reunited after over a decade in the wilderness! Yes, the Dirty Three, a trio made up of masterfully meandering guitarist Mick Turner (Mess Esque), the world's favourite drummer Jim White (Xylouris White, Bill Callahan, the list goes on eternally), and Nick Cave's wingman Warren Ellis on viola, violin, keys, and whatever else takes his fancy, are back with new album Love Changes Everything. With the tracks named Love Changes Everything I - IV, it's clear this sprawling new master class is intended to take us on an aural journey, with the opening tune kicking off in ramshackle, noisy style; reminiscent of the gnarly early days of the band, with the following numbers rising and falling in cinematic style. Welcome back fellas. - Flying Out

Dirty Three Ahoy! Appropriately disheveled, the Three emerge from the unending waves of time to pick up their guitar drum an viola , violin, piano, synthesizer, loops, percussion for their first album in a decade. Their playing encompasses ALL – from the original fury of their unlikely power trio to an impressionist cinema later on; mercurial, tumultuous to ambient to adagio, mood and emotion drawn up to dazzling heights from the humble human scale.

  1. Love Changes Everything I
  2. Love Changes Everything II
  3. Love Changes Everything III
  4. Love Changes Everything IV
  5. Love Changes Everything V
  6. Love Changes Everything VI

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