The Glad Fact

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The Dirty Projectors' debut album, The Glad Fact, dwells in the sorts of emotional ambiguities and contradictions that have always tortured the sensitive ones. Each song offers a new melody that seems to have been sent from some erratic and beautiful netherworld. The music is many things at once: sophisticated and heartfelt, tender and aggressive, pleasing and miserly in its refusal to please. Longstreth's songs possess a will to surprise and deceive that constantly defies our expectation of musical --and emotional -- resolution. The songs' brokenness is their resolution, and their most beautiful part.


  1. The Glad Fact
  2. My Offwhite Flag      
  3. Like Fake Blood In Crisp October    
  4. Boredom Is A Product           
  5. Two Brown Finches  
  6. Three Brown Finches
  7. Off Science Hill         
  8. Winter Is Here
  9. Ground Underfoot     
  10. Maybe Rhode Island  
  11. Spirit-Future Medley 
  12. Naked We Made It    
  13. Lit From Below         
  14. Imaginary Love         
  15. The Highway Is A Foggy Knife        
  16. The Minute