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The ever-evolving brain-child of Nick Sampson (Netherworld Dancing Toys) and Barry Blackler (The Starlings UK, The Jesus And Mary Chain [’91-‘92]), DIRT finally re-emerge from their respective periods of lockdown to release their debut album BLOOM.

Purveyors of that elusive thing called rock ‘n’ roll, DIRT is a synthesis of their influences - long past, and newly found. Songs about life, dying, trying, grieving, being happy and drinking.

Building on their first singles Dreams & Happiness, Better Think Twice and their own version of the classic America track, A Horse With No Name, this release from DIRT is the culmination of a musical journey first launched in the wild, black sands of a Piha garage several years ago.

So much has happened in the meantime for this multi-faceted duo, who up until 2.5 years ago were a trio. The sad death of their dearest mucker and bandmate Malcolm Black (Netherworld Dancing Toys), and the deaths of several other close friends and beloved family members. A couple of kids who had to face things no children should. A murder on the street outside. Court trials and tribulations. Grieving during lockdown. Unexpected events - both good and bad - that life throws to people of a certain vintage, require navigating and all played their part in the making of BLOOM.

A celebration of great times and sad days, BLOOM is an eclectic album where all their influences are blended, reimagined, and delivered differently. The tracks gradually build momentum as the album traverses an ingrained musical timeline - with Spectorish harmonies and tambourine-laced bass drum firmly planted in the ‘60’s, a quick nod to 90’s Manchester keys, and atmospherically sonic lead guitars taking it into the sound of DIRT 2021.