The Live Albums: 1978-1992 (8CD Box Set)

8CD Box Set

New vinyl and CD boxset, focusing on the live recordings of Dire Straits, to coincide with the 40th Anniversary of their show at Hammersmith in 1983, immortalised in the live album Alchemy.

A follow-on release to 2013 vinyl box set and 2020 CD box set, The Studio Albums 1978 – 1991, with a similar package spec.

This box features:

• Newly remastered versions of Alchemy and On The Night, both of which are currently unavailable on vinyl (Alchemy was last pressed in the mid-eighties, On The Night was last pressed for the original release in 1993).

• An expanded version of Alchemy to include the existing digital/CD tracklist which includes Love Over Gold and the extended versions of Telegraph Road, Solid Rock and Going Home, with the addition of the full length performance of Portobello Belle (an edit of which was released on the Money For Nothing compilation in 1998) as well as the unreleased songs from the performance – Industrial Disease and Twisting By The Pool 

• An expanded version of On The Night to include tracks performed during the tour which have never been released, taken from multitrack recordings of shows in Nimes, Rotterdam and Paris: Tunnel Of Love, Telegraph Road, Sultans Of Swing, Two Young Lovers, When It Comes To You, I Think I Love You Too Much. 

• The EP Encores (remastered for Black Friday 2021)

• Licensed 1995 collection Live At The BBC 

• The unreleased Dire Straits Live from The Rainbow Theatre show, 1979 – mixed by Guy Fletcher, and featuring guest performances from Phil Lynott and Tony de Meur on the last four tracks of the set 

• Brand new booklet featuring a new essay by journalist Paul SextonMaking Milestones: The Momentous Road Years Of Dire Straits.



1. Once Upon A Time In The West
2. Industrial Disease
3. Expresso Love
4. Romeo And Juliet
5. Love Over Gold
6. Private Investigations
7. Sultans Of Swing
8. Twisting By The Pool
9. Two Young Lovers
10. Portobello Belle
11. Tunnel Of Love
12. Solid Rock
13. Telegraph Road
14. Going Home – Theme From ‘Local Hero’

On The Night
1. Calling Elvis
2. Walk Of Life
3. Heavy Fuel
4. Romeo And Juliet
5. Private Investigations
6. Sultans Of Swing
7. Fade To Black
8. Your Latest Trick
9. When It Comes To You
10. I Think I Love You Too Much
11. You And Your Friend
12. On Every Street
13. Two Young Lovers
14. Tunnel Of Love
15. Telegraph Road
16. Money For Nothing
17. Brothers In Arms

1. Your Latest Trick
2. The Bug
3. Solid Rock
6. Local Hero – Wild Theme

Live At The BBC
1. Down To The Waterline
2. Six Blade Knife
3. Water Of Love
4. Wild West End
5. Sultans Of Swing
6. Lions
7. What’s The Matter Baby?
8. Tunnel Of Love

Live At The Rainbow
1. Down To The Waterline
2. Six Blade Knife
3. Once Upon A Time In The West
4. Lady Writer
5. Lions
6. Sultans Of Swing
7. Les Boys
8. Portobello Belle
9. News
10. What’s The Matter Baby?
11. Setting Me Up
12. In The Gallery
13. Solid Rock
14. Southbound Again
15. Where Do You Think You’re Going?
16. Wild West End
17. Twisting By The Pool
18. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
19. That’s Alright Mama
20. Nadine
21. Keep On Knocking