Three EPs, 2012-2014

Dinner is the alias for Danish singer and producer Anders Rhedin. Since 2012, Dinner has released 2 EPs and a guided meditation-tape.

Dinner lives a somewhat nomadic existence, having alternated between LA, Berlin, and Copenhagen for years. This last year, Dinner's itinerary has included falling in love with a baroness in Berlin, being taught Qi Gong from a renowned Sifu on a mountainside in the Algarve, working on commercial pop songs in Hollywood ("The essence of dark magic," according to Dinner), and playing shows at festivals and galleries all over Europe. Dinner's songs seem to be inspired by his own life in the lyrics you find references to cities, parties, and girls (the latter sometimes referred to as "the divine feminine").

Dinner himself claims that "all the songs are about death and transcendence." What does Dinner sound like then? According to Dinner's friend Kim LAS something like: "An unruly dream immersed in sexual exhibitionism, un-dogmatic New Age, and perfectly measured idiocy mixed up with fumbling grandeur and awkward, arena-sized pop hooks." Or maybe one could say that Dinner sounds like a sun-bleached cassette-tape you find stuck behind your car's dashboard that was last played at a party in Dusseldorf in 1984; full of echoes of sweaty depressions, spirituals longings, and early morning trances. Sometimes Dinner sounds a bit like melodic EBM meets euro-pop meets darkwave meets Denmark. And sometimes he sounds more like a male descendant of Nico singing Eno-esque pop songs on discarded Julian Cope tracks.


1. Going Out
2. Skid Row
3. 3rd Presence 
4. The Dawn Is Here 
5. This Girl 
6. Overtake 
7. Girl
8. Ok, Alright (Late Night Vocal Version) 
9. You Are Like LA 
10. Say What You Want (Love Is Death)(Soft Version) 
11. Stone Town (Berlin Mix)