Time~Lapse Nature




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Diatom Deli’s Time~Lapse Nature is a channel between cerebral ascension and somatic memory, tethered to the micro-present though humbled by a beyond. Dilated by celestial fluctuations and dynamic flutters, the reverberations from the Taos-based artist’s new album culminate through airy tests of vocal layering, longing guitar laments, and discreetly sourced sound, compelling Deli’s commitment to esoteric precision and impulse.

Delisa Paloma-Sisk was born and raised in Clarksville, Tennessee, an hour north of Nashville and many more from Lares, Puerto Rico, where she spent extended time with her mother’s side of the family while growing up. Deli recalls hearing her grandmother’s neighbour playing classical guitar every night during one visit to Lares, the melodies lingering and resurfacing while she self-taught herself the instrument in her early teens and then formally studied it in college. Deli would gradually bring together the guitar, synthesiser, and her own voice, recording and releasing two albums, Feelsounds and TQM (Te Quiero Mucho), as Diatom Deli in 2015 and 2017.


  1. (Intro - ttyl) / Sunday’s Dying Light / (Interlude: Sense of Time)
  2. Massive Headships of Centering Tiles
  3. Disarray / (Interlude: Las Cuevas de San Pedro)
  4. False Alarm B1. Sonrisa / (Interlude: Hanging with Banana Tapes)
  5. Waves Will See (Your Smiling Face) / (Interlude: Angels in Reverse)
  6. Deandre
  7. Thank You, Maya