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Gilding The Lily - Flying Out


Gilding The Lily

Slumberland Records


Following up two brilliant albums (2008's Carefree and 2011's Euphoria), Slumberland and Los Angeles' Devon Williams are very proud to present Gilding The Lily. Williams' shimmering pop combines his broad musical tastes with exceptional song-writing and arranging skill, and an unerring ear for melody - all of which are in ample evidence on Gilding The Lily.

Devon started recording Gilding The Lily with long-time associate Jorge Elbrecht (Lansing-Dreiden, Violens, Ariel Pink) immediately after completing Euphoria, and over the intervening two years the songs steadily evolved, mirroring changes in Williams' life that include marriage and multiple intercontinental relocations.

From album opener Deep In The Back of Your Mind through first single Flowers and the lushly romantic Will You Let Go Of My Heart?Williams has honed his trademark blend of power-pop, orchestrated soft-rock and layered, melodic jangle-pop to a perfect edge. The elegant Games is a great example of what Devon does best — complex emotions played against a driving pop tune that recalls The Church at their melancholic best.

The aforementioned single Flowers is a masterpiece of orchestral texture, with rolling drums, chorused guitars and swelling synths backing a tune that hearkens back to the most delicate 60s soft-pop — while sounding totally of-the-minute. Puzzle is pure power-pop heaven, a great contrast to the dreamy Rabbit Hole and closer Gilding The Lily.

It's these contrasts that enliven Gilding The Lilyand the consummate skill with which Williams arranges and executes his beautiful songs that mark him as a truly unique talent who, with this album, has reached a new peak of craft and creativity.

Artist: Devon Williams
Title:Gilding The Lily
Label:Slumberland Records
Year: 2014
Cat #:SLR190
Formats: LP

Track List:
  1. Deep In The Back Of Your Mind
  2. Games
  3. All I Have To Do
  4. Pendulum
  5. Flowers
  6. Around In A Maze
  7. Puzzle
  8. Rabbit Hole
  9. Will You Let Go Of My Heart?
  10. Lost My Concentration
  11. Gliding The Lily

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