Consumed By Your Poison (Reissue)


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Consumed By Your Poison is the debut album from Montreal deathcore / metalcore six-piece Despised Icon.

Consumed By Your Poison was released on October 2, 2002, through Galy Records and re-released on April 4, 2006. It is the band's only album with vocalist Marie-Hélène Landry and the only album on which Alex Erian plays drums, as he switched to vocals after the departure of Landry.

Availbable on limited transparent yellow & blue marble vinyl with CD.


  1. Compelled To Copulate (Remastered version 2006) 
  2. Poissonnariat (Remastered version 2006)
  3. Grade A-One (Remastered version 2006)
  4. Le Chêne et le Roseau (Remastered version 2006) 
  5. Dead King (Remastered version 2006)
  6. Absolu (Remastered version 2006) 
  7. Fashionable (Remastered version 2006)
  8. Interfere In Your Days (Remastered version 2006) 
  9. Clef de Voûte (Remastered version 2006)
  10. Despise The Icons (Remastered version 2006) 
  11. Poissonnariat (Re-recorded version 2006)
  12. Compelled To Copulate (Re-recorded version 2006)

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