The DuBMASTER - The Essential Anthology

Vinyl 2LP

The DuBMASTER: The Essential Anthology charts Dennis Bovell’s career from the Seventies up to the present day. This album features his most celebrated reggae works, showcasing a disc of standout Dennis Bovell performances as well as a disc of his acclaimed reggae productions for artists such as Errol Campbell, Janet Kay, Delroy Wilson, Johnny Clarke, Marie Pierre and many more.

Since making his recording debut in the early Seventies with legendary British reggae band, Matumbi, Dennis ‘Blackbeard’ Bovell has repeatedly demonstrated his supreme talent and versatility in a variety of music fields. And yet enormity of his impact upon the UK’s music scene over the past five decades has remained largely overlooked.

The DuBMASTER – The Essential Anthology sets to finally address this injustice by presenting the first serious retrospective of Dennis's output as both a performer and producer.


A1. Raindrops - Dennis Bovell & The Dub Band
A2. Za-Ion – Dennis Bovell & The 4th Street Orchestra
A3. Blood Ah Go Run – Dennis Bovell as Dennis Matumbi
A4. Choose Me – Dennis Bovell as African Stone
A5. Row, Row, Row – Dennis Bovell & The 4th St Orchestra
A6. Brain Damage - Dennis Bovell
B1. Chief Inspector - Dennis Bovell & The Dub Band
B2. Dub Master - Dennis Bovell & The Dub Band
B3. Silly Dub - Dennis Bovell
B4. Oh Mama Oh Papa - Dennis Bovell
B5. Pickin' Up The Pieces - Dennis Bovell & The Dub Band
B6. Caught You In A Lie - Dennis Bovell
C1. Silly Games - Janet Kay
C2. A Little Way Different - Errol Dunkley
C3. Differentah – Julio ‘Dreadful' Finn
C4. Get Up Stand Up - I Roy
C5. Our Tune – Marie Pierre
C6. Tom Hark - Captain Morgan & His Merry Men
D1. African Queen - Errol Campbell
D2. Africa Is Our Land - Joshua Moses
D3. Take Five - The Young Lions
D4. Hooked On You - Delroy Wilson
D5. Guide Us, Jah - Johnny Clarke
D6. Can't Go Through (With Life) (Dancehall Version) - Marie Pierre