Out of the Blue (Reissue) (Limited White Vinyl LP)

Limited White Vinyl LP

Out Of The Blue is the debut studio album by Debbie Gibson and was released on August 18, 1987. The album received favorable reviews from music critics and sold more than five million copies worldwide.

Gibson wrote all ten songs on this album at the age of 16 going on 17, Gibson's youthful exuberance and energy shine through infectiously on this album. No less than five tracks of this album hit the Top 40: Only in My Dreams, Shake Your Love, Out of the Blue, Foolish Beat and Staying Together.

This album stands out from the competition due to Gibson's talent as a singer, musician, pop songwriter, arranger, and even producer.


1. Out Of The Blue
2. Staying Together
3. Only In My Dreams
4. Foolish Beat
5. Red Hot
6. Wake Up To Love
7. Shake Your Love
8. Fallen Angel
9. Play The Field
10. Between The Lines