Day / To / Day

Vinyl LP

Genre-expanding outfit The Grogans are a trio of best mates from Melbourne who’ve been craftily avoiding pigeon-holes and singular definitions of their sound since first banding together in 2016. Comprised of long-term friends Quin Grunden, Angus Vasic and Jordan Lewis, The Grogans explore nuanced manoeuvres in surf, punk, blues, garage, psych, rockabilly and reggae whilst maintaining a quintessential sonic integrity across their dynamic catalogue. Through their exponential malleability, The Grogans have quickly earned their stripes as one of Australia’s most intriguing acts of recent times.


  1. Unecassary
  2. Pretty Dress
  3. Dead Weight
  4. Woke Up Feeling Alright
  5. Gravel Road Blues
  6. Takin It Easy
  7. Teach Me
  8. Got A Girl
  9. Graveyard Sleepign
  10. Strange Feeling
  11. Again
  12. Like You